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With the economy like it is today, it is more important- and unfortunately harder- than ever to find job vacancies in Malaysia. That is why we exist as the ultimate job website on which you can find jobs online which are well suited to your skillset. We have listings of all the best careers in Malaysia which you can jump into today, and we feature employee reviews of a variety of different companies so that you can choose the jobs in Malaysia that you will do best at. So if you have been wondering about career opportunities in Malaysia, you have come to the right place.

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You get multiple advantages when looking for employment opportunities on our website. First of all, is incredibly easy to navigate and use. From our homepage, all you have to do is click on the “jobs” tab, and you are immediately given a simple list of all the job vacancies in Malaysia. You are given the company and position name right off the bat, and clicking on the position will give you an overview of the type of job/career, as well as where the job is in Malaysia.

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From there, you can read up on the various pros and cons of each of the many jobs online to get a clear view of exactly what it is you will be doing. Our employee reviews are from the people who already work in the jobs in Malaysia that you want, and they will give you an honest opinion on what they think of the job. You will also be given interview tips and salary information that help you prepare for life once you have the job.
    • Rating: 3.8
    • GSK employee:
      “Hard work is needed to survive in GSK but will be well paid with good renumeration” - Full Review
    • Ratings
      • Career Opportunities 3.5
      • Benefit Package 4.3
      • Collaboration 4.0
      • Feedback & Appraisal 3.7
      • Management 3.7
      • Work/Life Balance 4.0
      • Fairness3.8
      • Business Outlook 3.3
    • Type
      Gross Monthly Salary
      Net Monthly Salary:  
  • Approximate calculation based on Income tax rates

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